2010 AGC in the Community Awards

2010 Award Winners and their Accomplishments

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TEXO, The Construction Association

Award PhotoTexas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Happy Hill Farm, North Texas and Tarrant County Food Banks. The TEXO Poker Run provided the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and Happy Hill Farm donations of $20,000 each in 2009. These two North Texas charities function solely on private donations and focus on North Texas children in need. The Young Constructors Council (YCC) and the Programs Committee focused their efforts on the food banks in this area, donating over 2¼ tons of food to the food banks servicing the chapter’s member areas.

Georgia Branch, AGC

Award PhotoJon’s House. The Young Leadership Program’s (YLP) Charitable Works Committee wanted to find a project that could involve a large number of chapter members and truly make a difference. The YLP renovated and retrofitted Navy Seal Jonathan (Jon) Moore’s entire home for handicap accessibility. Jon was injured in combat and suffers from brain and spinal injury complications, including amputation of his right leg. Prior to this undertaking, Jon could only sleep in his living room, because his access was severely limited. He now sleeps in his bedroom, showers in his new bathroom and uses a lift to move about the rest of the house. What a positive change this has made in Jon’s life – he’s enrolled in school, continuing his artwork and getting the proper training needed to rebuild his life.

Master Builders of Iowa (MBI)

Award PhotoHubble’s 9 Homes in 9 Days. In 2009 the MBI staff and Hubble Construction Services were fortunate to have the opportunity to lead and participate in an outstanding project: Hubble’s 9 Homes in 9 Days project at 21st and Forest, Des Moines, Iowa. Hubble Construction Services (MBI member), Anawim Housing (housing non-profit), 200 companies and over 100 volunteers picked a community in need of housing and in nine days completed the building of nine homes. The project launch day was set for the ninth day of the ninth month of the first ninth year of the millennium. The project was completed on September 15, 2009 with no recorded accidents and two days ahead of schedule.

Arizona Builders’ Alliance

Award Photo2009 LDF Phoenix Volunteer Day at Mesa Association of Sports for the Disabled. Following a longtime example established in Tucson, Arizona, Arizona Builders’ Alliance in Phoenix launched their own Volunteer Day in 2009. What a successful endeavor it was. Eighty-five commercial contracting firms in metropolitan Phoenix contributed approximately $425,000 to renovate an old gymnasium for use by disabled athletes. The gym had been unusable during summer months because its ancient evaporative coolers could not cut through the Arizona heat. The facility is now comfortable during even the dog days of summer because of the new, state-of-the-art air conditioning system that was put in place.

Associated Contractors of New Mexico

Award PhotoWounded Warriors Project/Ooh La La Christmas Home Tour. The Wounded Warriors Project is a national non-profit that focuses on providing valuable outreach to wounded military service men and women. This outreach provides a “care package” back pack that contains personal items such as sweatpants, gym shorts, socks, underwear, other personal items and a phone card. Associated Contractors of New Mexico (ACNM) Board of Directors, members and staff partnered with Ooh La La Christmas Home Tour in New Mexico to raise funds for the Wounded Warriors Project. Over 100 ACNM members volunteered to plan, coordinate and host a “kick-off fundraising dinner and auction event” that had 1,000 attendees and a Christmas Home Tour of area homes in the Albuquerque metro community. These events raised over $350,000, of which $120,000 was contributed by 24 ACNM contractor and associated member firms. This is the largest community fundraising for the Wounded Warriors Project in New Mexico and the Southwest.

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