2018 AGC in the Community Awards

2018 Award Winners and their Accomplishments

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AGC of Texas


Hurricane Harvey will be recorded as one of the largest and most expensive natural disasters in history. Due to the organization of the local city and statewide operations, there were remarkably few casualties. AGC of Texas wanted to make sure that the maintenance crews of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) were not overlooked for their bravery and assistance. The men and women of TxDOT remained through the storm to provide clear roadways as quickly as possible, which made it possible for first responders to reach those in need. Many of these employees suffered damaged homes and property. In response, AGC of Texas and its members raised $890,000 for the TxDOT Cares charitable fund, which supports the 200 TxDOT employees and their families who suffered partial or complete loss of their homes. The chapter created a three-tiered funding approach, which allowed for contributions by the AGC members and the chapter, as well as Texans across the state who were alerted to the fundraising project and wanted to help.


AGC Georgia Young Leadership


The AGC Georgia Young Leadership Program committed to helping the Baker family, whose son Bo suffered from Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome (AGS), an inherited encephalopathy that results in severe mental and physical handicap with no known cure. While there are only around 400 known cases of AGS in the world, Bo’s specific gene mutation is the only one of this kind that has been identified. The family required financial support to travel to Washington, D.C., seven times over a year so that Bo could undergo medical trials and treatments for his symptoms. The Young Leadership Council approved $20,000 to cover both travel costs and handicap accessibility construction for the Baker home. The leadership program took nearly ten months to carefully plan the Baker home renovation, and after two months of construction Bo moved into his new “Bo Suite.” The contributions for the flights and the house renovation will have a lasting impact on the family. The young leaders sought out the Bakers and demonstrated a commitment to the community by offering their assistance, despite two other ongoing charitable projects. Nearly 20 young leaders in the industry unanimously approved not only the financial support for this endeavor but the resources and hard work to see it through.


GH Phipps Construction Companies


GH Phipps’s mission statement notes how the company enriches the lives of its employees, clients and communities through its projects, employee ownership programs, community support. To this end, they created a company-wide volunteer program aimed at touching 60 different organizations in one year with 1,952 volunteer hours (the year the company was founded). However, the program resulted in nearly double the goal number of volunteer hours. More than 3,800 hours in volunteer time took place at Operation Christmas Child, Wish for Wheels, food banks, and the Children’s Hospital Colorado arts and crafts program, to name a few. This program was designed to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary and to remind all employees that community service is a priority. The most volunteer hours tallied in a single month took place in September for the Race for the Cure/Breast Cancer Walk, which resulted in 582 hours.


Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc.


The Barefoot Mile is a one-mile barefoot walk to raise awareness about human trafficking, and to allow participants to walk in solidarity with children in poverty, who are the most vulnerable to trafficking. Davis Constructors & Engineers partnered with Joy International, Priceless, MyHouse and Covenant House to present the first Anchorage Barefoot Mile fundraiser on May 20, 2017, ultimately drawing over 358 walkers and 68 volunteers, and raising more than $203,000 to fight human trafficking. The team’s goal was to help the most vulnerable, as 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys receiving services from Covenant House Alaska in 2017 was reported as being a victim of human trafficking, the fastest-growing crime in the world today. The funds raised will assist in the rescue, restoration, reintegration and prevention of human trafficking in Alaska, the U.S. and internationally.

Hensel Phelps


Fifteen-year-old Leah suffers from a rare pulmonary disease that causes intractable seizures. This illness has made her wheelchairbound, but Leah is happiest when she is in the water. She chose a backyard swim spa as her wish. Hensel Phelps went above and beyond the initial request of a concrete slab, designing a virtual model for the new backyard space. The team was eager to deliver a gift to the entire family, who, despite the difficult time caring for their daughter, volunteer to help the homeless. The backyard oasis included demolition and removal of existing backyard landscaping, reinforced concrete slab, upgraded electrical service, wooden handrail/fencing, and new landscaping/irrigation piping and controller. With the donated support and materials from several contractors, the project turned out exactly as planned. This project continued a tradition for Hensel Phelps of working with the Make A Wish Foundation and the San Diego AGC Build & Serve Committee to make wishes come true.

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